Club Sponsorship

Our generous sponsors are part of the foundation of the Roleystone Club, and an important part of our local community. We hope you support them as they support us.



Our sponsors are important & highly valued contributors to the Roleystone Club, and help to keep our non-profit organisation running, so the community can benefit from the facilities and amenities we offer.

In return for their generous contribution, we endeavour to promote our sponsors throughout the club, in a variety of ways that generate high exposure:

• Sponsors logos and contact details are included in our Monthly Newsletters to all members.

• Our in-house advertising screen in the bar area features all sponsors, on rotation.

• Sponsors that have purchased a sign around the bowling green are on display 365 days of the year. These are visible from the club, beer garden and outdoor decking areas.

• Sponsors can arrange to sponsor a specific competition, for example the Roleystone Bowls Classic. These sponsors are included in the leaflets handed out,signage promoting the event around the club, as well as at any windup and prize-giving function for the event.



We gladly welcome new sponsors to the Roleystone Club, especially if you are a new, community-focussed business in the area.

Sponsorships are instated and renewed annually, for very modest contribution.  To find out the current annual sponsorship rates, please get in touch with our sponsorship officer.

If you wish to become a sponsor, please submit your enquiry here, or ask at the bar next time you’re at the club.  If you leave a note with your business card, our sponsorship officer will be in touch.